Ice cream bar at your  next event…Amazing!!!


Life is like an ice cream, Enjoy it before it melts…….


You have exchanged vows with the love of your life…….. You’re beaming as the photographer snaps away…… Family and friends have gathered to celebrate…… what could make this day any better?

Are you looking for something unique? Do you want your wedding to amaze and impress? Then make Ice Cream Bar part of your special day and you’re guests will be talking about the wedding of the year.

With over 100 exotic and mouth-watering flavours to choose from the hardest part will be picking which premium ice cream, award winning gelato or mouth-watering sorbet says the most about the bride and groom.

Are you more traditional like vanilla & chocolate, sinful like Snickers or Nutella crunch, maybe your heart warming like apple crumble, Zen like green tea, mad like macadamia, ravishing like rhubarb, crazy like Cherry Ripe or ready to party it up all night like Red Bull!

Your guests will be out of their seats ready to mingle and everyone will feel like kids again, as our ice cream maestro scoops frozen goodness onto a crispy Scandinavian waffle cone or into a gluten free sundae cup. With vintage styling and good old fashioned service that’s sure to impress, we guarantee to bring scoopfuls of joy and smiles to your big day. is all about having the best ice cream available to you and your guests, freshly scooped into a deliciously crispy Scandanavian waffle cone and enjoyed like we were all kids again. We supply fresh quality gelato Icecream for your special events such as weddings, birthdays, and corporate events.

We service all areas of Sydney, so if your interested in getting the finest ice cream at your event then contact today. offers great ice cream and sorbet and gelato from local manufacturer’s in sydney its super premium ice cream like no other and mouth watering gelato that will change your world at we are lovers of great food, especially of the sweet variety and we have associated ourselves with only the best produce, rest assured you will be thoroughly delighted with the results.

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